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The Bottom Line: An engaging, original thriller pitting narco-terrorists against an elite force led by a memorable heroine. Highly recommended.


“The Policewoman will leave readers haunted and jumpy long after they finish the last page. The backstory of the characters and the drug cartels is incredibly thorough and engaging. From the dialects of the characters to the occasional splashes of local flavor and detail, Roberts spares no word or clever allusion. This diligence draws readers into the story; they can smell the streets of Indonesia, hear the clamor of Manchester, and sense the tension in every meticulously crafted conversation. An epic and rewarding read.” Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★


“… an incredibly powerful novel… The plot line was excellent; it was solid, strong and had some very surprising, if not terrifying, twists in it along the way. The characters, especially the main protagonist, are incredibly well developed… Fantastic fast-paced story, this would make an excellent movie!” Anne-Marie Reynolds – 5 Stars at


“Fast-paced and told with surprising twists… an insanely gripping read… intoxicating. Justin W.M. Roberts creates a compelling character in Sarah, one that readers will want to follow closely… it comes across with striking realism. The narrative voice is unique and clear and the prose so clean and seductive that readers will find it hard to put the book down. I enjoyed this story a lot, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to thriller fans. A great and compelling read.”Christian Shia – 5 Stars at


“The plot is fast-paced and the fact that Sarah is always at the point of running into some danger makes it even more riveting… it is very believable with characters that are as interesting as they are real. The writing is flawless and the narrative voice comes across in a compelling way. The Policewoman is packed with action, rippling with emotions, and is satisfying. Enjoyed it.” Review by Divine Zape – 5 Stars at


“The characters are so well explored and defined that they leap off the pages… an action paced novel, a page-turning police investigation, and a great thriller. The international setting offers a lot of color and variety to the story. Overall, the pacing is good, the characters are compelling, and the story is entertaining. Good read.” Arya Fomonyuy – 5 Stars at